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| 8th Feb 2009 |      



is it possible to set more than 4 windows with your program?

Your program is one of the few multiple windows explorers that accepts dropped outlook elements (*.msg files).

I need a tool to distribute emails into 6-10 explorer folders - so I would love to have 6-10 windows for dropping the emails directly into the appropriate folder.

Thank You - Rmmmmm

I Will add this in future!

...could you let me know, when this is possible.

I am also a good tester ;-)

PowerDesk is slow to sort, I use QDir for fast searches etc. VERY nice and very fast.
A nice feature that could be added to QDir would be the ability to add a note attached to any file listed.

The version number is in title bar
Put version number in the About Button please. Cannot tell if you have released new version from that which I have on my system now.

And I found your software which is exactly what I want to develop my professional software.
I tried a little bit and something's wrong with ColorConsole. There is no auto-completion for directories, files and commands. We can't use this software without that. Do U have an idea when these functionalities will be implemented ?

You must have been an Amiga user
You must have been an Amiga user ! Many thanks! Thank you for the flowers ;) ! 1987 C64/128 user ! ;)

I click on a folder that contains music
Also can the delete button be relocated to the top and work every time? Many times I click on the delete button and it just ignores me. It should work just liked the delete button on the custom toolbar in XP (before they removed it in Vista)

Dual monitor setup
When I close the new x64 version and reopen it, it always opens maximized on my primary monitor. I resize it and move it to my secondary monitor. When I close and reopen Q-Dir, it opens again maximized on my primary monitor.

It does what it says and never stopped or crashed in may pc
To perfection it just need a multi-level-tree view. That would be very similar to what we find in Macs. That would give me the ability to go on and on, down to the last folder in any given parent folder.

After mass usb store remove ,open Qdir3.28 will listen error sounds,(no usb mass storage)
After mass usb store remove ,open Qdir3.28 will listen error sounds,(no usb mass storage)


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