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| 9th Feb 2009 |      


I can't save view mode, Q-Dir always start in detail mode, but i usually list mode, how to fix it? thank you very much.

Is this Vista or XP

My system is Windows Server 2003, i think the explorer base on XP,

This is the right access problemm!
I Will try make it better in next Q-Dir version!

But Install Q-Dir directly into (C:\) eg: "C:/Q-dir/Q-dir.exe"
Test again, then send me a report. Please!!!!

Yes, i tried install C:\Q-Dir, seem is OK, because i upgrade 3.49 to 3.51
after, all setting
still exist(eg. like Color view), but this time all setting back to
normal, thank for your help.

But about this problem, how to clear all setting in default install path?

Sorry for my poor english.

In 2-3 day i'm update the Q-Dir to 3.59 then test again!

How can I change the font used in the program?
Is it possible to disable bolded text when a directory/file is selected?

I have a registered zoom player,
I have a registered zoom player,

Language portugues do brasil
Is nice language ;)!

Feature to show Quick links as icons(or tabs) on "that bar"
Small Bug: When I click Quick-folder icon, menu appears, but when I Right click on that menu(acidentally) some error happens

I must be switch other DIR screen to recover
I click some directory and press (F5) to reflash my screen, and the screen bocome to WHITE and i saw ICON but dont icon names

Paste option in the context menu
I've used version 3.67 and now upgraded to 3.74 and both have a small bug which occurs randomly. 10% of the times I cut or copy something, be it via shortcut or the context menu, if I close the window and try to paste the files in another instance it doesn't work, and the Paste option in the context menu is even grayed.

I have now, on day 2, discovered how to reset the screen to 2, 3 or 4 panels.
Now, if I can only find out h9w to run a search for a file on my hard drive, I will be happy.

To make Q-Dir truly portable, please test for .ini file in
To make Q-Dir truly portable, please test for .ini file in


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