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| 9th Feb 2009 |      


Absolutely wonderful program. I have several Explorer substitutes and use Q-Dir 99% of the time.

My suggestion: In options allow me to specify what subdirectory I want Q-Dir to display when it opens. For example, I open to two panes and would like to have My Documents on the left and My Computer on the right. Even without change it's easy to get to where I want to go and I love this program.

Thanks for your effort. It's quite impressive.
M,,,,, N,,,,,, Latrobe, Pennsylvania USA

FAQ:How can I start with a favorite setting?

Works great. Sorry I missed it in the FAQ.

I like the option to save as desktop item with all my preferences,
When I copy or move large files from a directory in one window to a directory in an other window, at least the "source" window is "locked" and can not be used as long as the copy/move is running. Can't you start that copy/move process in the backgroud so that the window is free again?

Be able to open color console
Be able to open color console

I wanted to add a drive to the Favorites section.
Instead, Q-Dir added the contents of the drive. Now I can't figure out how to remove it.

In my opinion it beats any
I was wondering though I noticed that on sub folders that are empty in the file tree they contain the + arrows next too them is this a glitch or normal?

I use currently supercopier2.
I use currently supercopier2. it works normaly from an explorer windo to the another. Could it be possible to use it in qdir

The program don't keep in memory
I want to have 2 horizontal views, with a tree view for each windows, with view on D:\Documents for the the first, and E:\anotherdirectory for the second.

Open txt files inside the pane
Reason why I downloaded it (other than it being awesome) was cause I was hoping it could open txt files inside the pane , instead of opening with Notepad, like in Linux file managers.

After double or more click for "UP" function icon program stops runing and must be restart.
After double or more click for "UP" function icon program stops runing and must be restart.


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