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| 10th Feb 2009 |      


Allow me to make you my compliments, the program is stupendous !!!!!!!!

I allow me to give some suggestions that to my notice they would do it become the best in absolute, superior to the TotalCommander that I consider today the best
--- An only bottom bar containing HD and Peripheral
-- In every window superior tongues for an express access to the wanted directory.Dragging a directory in the bar of the tongues is had to open the same directory (of the type cards navigation Firefox. Or of the type TotalCommander ). Is possible to personalize the bar of the tongues so that to the closing remains you memorize. All of this makes the immediate navigation (to see Total Commander to understand the philosophy)
--- To correct the window of the quick link because it is not possible to order the links
---To correct the window of the quick link because when they are numerous the inferior menus "Quick Link and Add Quick Link..." disappear
The command NewsFolder of every window should be in the inferior bar being a command of change and not of navigation

Thanks for the really genial program... to pay programs of this kind is a duty
Thanks and good job

Thanks for the tipp's.
I will do my best

Also, is there a way to not display the top button bar with all the boxes?
When I resize the window the menu options (File, Edit, etc.) disappear. Is there a fix for this?

This is what keeps me using xplore32.
This string would be the app and its args that would open any file, independent of file type.

Manually set a default folder location path?
Would it be possible to incorporate an option which enables user to manually set a default folder location path?

Be able to open color console
Be able to open color console

Is it possible to attach text at the folder level?
Is it possible to attach text at the folder level?

The file SIZE in BYTES
I'd like to express my gratitude especially for implementing a feature which I requested in my previous contact message, and that was the possibility to launch Q-Dir with a given path argument (i.e. C:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe D:\My Music\) which worked flawlessly for me so far.

Very nice.thank you for freeware.
One problem.I see nothing for "Preview".did I miss something?

Insert button to create a new folder in the current folder.
Pressing Insert multiple times creates multiple new folders with the default name.


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