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| 13th Feb 2009 |      


Ich wurde ihnen bitte im English ansprechen, dass ist fur mich etwas einfacher.
I'm using your Q-Dir and I'm super happy with it.
An interesting addition to me would be to incorporate the possibility to connect to FTP-sites within Q-Dir.
I haven't found a way yet to connect to remote FTP-servers from within Q-Dir.

Best regards,
P,,,,,r K,,,,,


It is only the MS internal FTP
but enough to look at it:

Later, a efektiver FTP client in Q-Dir;

Couple addresses for testing:

I will make it better ;) in future !

When i press the button "New folder"
And there are files selected, the selected files remain selected and so, when i give a name to the newly created folder, all the selected files are renamed. it's not a good thing. I think that when i create a new folder, all the selected files must be unselected.

Two apps one called Direct Folder and the other called Handy Folder.
I do not know if it can be possible, but I use two apps one called Direct Folder and the other called Handy Folder. Unfortunately for me though they do not work with Q-Dir. I would love to see it work with these but beggars can not be choosers.

Is there a way to choose the details you want shown for the files in the windows,
If there is a way to do this, please let me know. If no such way exists, that would be a really great thing to include next time, since when sorting photo files to edit for size so i can use them, I compare size and dimensions before date or other criteria.

This is what keeps me using xplore32.
This string would be the app and its args that would open any file, independent of file type.

Dual monitor setup
When I close the new x64 version and reopen it, it always opens maximized on my primary monitor. I resize it and move it to my secondary monitor. When I close and reopen Q-Dir, it opens again maximized on my primary monitor.

In the registry, program data, appdata etc, or am I going blind?
Sorry for the false alarm. don't really know what happened but it started working. no, not because of a reboot, which I did many times. something else corrected the problem

One looks ike a Monitor icon, and the other looks something like a palette.
Making the help file more complete. One addition would be a description of all of the items that make up a window, or pane. This would include descriptions of all of the buttons and user-interface selections. It would also have complete descriptions of all of the features. Custom synchronization is one feature that is crying out for explanation of what options are available and what each does.

The association of the F-keys to some features of the program
Such as in other like-explorers as Free Commander and Total Commander or Xplorer2. For example: to create a new dir, is only necessary to press F7 and so on. As a most-of-the-time keyboard user, I testify: this is very helpful.


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