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| 22th Feb 2009 |      


Please give the map size after the green maps and not only when they are opened.

I enjoy your Q-Dir much.

You mean the information in the status-bar????

On the other (main) monitor it works fine:
On the other (main) monitor it works fine: it magnifies any part of the screen. Moving the mouse to the second screen, it shows the magnified mainscreen part on the secondary screen. So it does not switch to the second screen.

Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available
If I enter a command in the edit field and hit return, the field is "locked". I have to close the tab and re-open.

One Loupe supports multi monitor or not
And, cliupoard copying doesn't work for me (Windows XP + Photoshop.). Thanks in advane for your great freeware, see you

specify a default background color that was used by all files.
Colored-extensions capability of Q-Dir, I've been looking for something like that in an Explorer program. I would like it even more if I could specify background as well as foreground color. At a minimum, it would be excellent if I could just

Multi rename tool, like Total Commander
I think that you should make Multi rename tool and to choose how many digits. Like Total Commander

I can't find where it is stored
Accidentally close the program, instead of minimizing it, I can't find where it is stored on my computer, to again restart it, and I have to download it from your website, all over again.

I think this app could use a good renaming feature!
Similar too Ant Renamer, Metamorphose file renamer, WildRename, and WildReplace. I use features of each one, just wish their was one that combined it all.

When the click to return to the parent directory from a sub-directory
I may have missed this but it would be nice to have an option that when the click to return to the parent directory from a sub-directory that the display returns to the point in the list of the sub-directory with it highlighted instead of too the beginning of the directory list


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