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| 22th Feb 2009 |      


When I resize the window the menu options (File, Edit, etc.) disappear. Is there a fix for this?

Also, is there a way to not display the top button bar with all the boxes?

I know this problem!
Will be better in next update

I encountered one problem: I cannot open a document (e.g. a Word document) from a web folder by double clicking on it.
I do al lot of testing, so I prefer to adapt to the standards of my academy, wich unfortunally is IE6. That's why upgrading to IE7 is not my fist choice.

How can I browse FTP folders with Q-DIR? do you support SFTP?
How can I browse FTP folders with Q-DIR? do you support SFTP?

Excellent portable program
In the English display, under the FILE menu the "New" and "Cloning" line is shown as having its hotkey as "STRG N". On viewing the German display I recognised "STRG" as the English "CTRL".

No need to tab when moving files between four drives.
No need to tab when moving files between four drives.

I had previously mentioned refresh error in tree
To which you already responded. I also notice that when a directory is deleted and then you hit the back button to return to that deleted directory you get an error message. The behavior in Explorer is much friendlier. It will return you to the adjacent existing directory. Most times you know you deleted the directory and just want to get back to that part of the directory tree (the reason for hitting back).

Active in Micro Soft Office all equipments
Group of Fonts that i can make it active in Micro Soft Office all equipments , in Extract WinZip.

Thumbnails support XYplorer's unique and famous Mouse Down Blow Up functionality."
I mentioned earlier about a preview pane for each dir view instead of a single one via the One for all tree view. What would also be good instead is when mousing over an image,

Can you place a Search button to search with in the file you are in for a document?
I have gone through all areas and the only one i found was in Edit and select search but that opens a new window to search the file you want. I like your product because it cuts down on items open on my task bar.


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