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| 6th Mar 2009 |      


Please find attached 2 interface issues.
1. Bad URL
2. Spelling "Relative Path"
bad url

Spelling Relative Path

Thank You!

Please, let me know if there is a way to sort folders and files
Together so that I can have 3 folders followed by 2 files, followed by 10 folders and so on in the view panels.

Vista explorer has been driving me crazy.
Vista explorer has been driving me crazy. Thanks so much for this app. Great job.

Open txt files inside the pane
Reason why I downloaded it (other than it being awesome) was cause I was hoping it could open txt files inside the pane , instead of opening with Notepad, like in Linux file managers.

Would like to have the current directory shown on the title bar.
I use Q-Dir in single-directory mode, and I open multiple copies in order to do drag-and-drop stuff

There needs to be some documentation on the use of the color filters
I tried your new program today. It looks very nice. A few things I have noticed thus far and a comment or two. 1. If I delete one or more files (select files and then press DEL key). The program minimizes after deleting the files.

In my opinion it beats any
I was wondering though I noticed that on sub folders that are empty in the file tree they contain the + arrows next too them is this a glitch or normal?

How do I add say google search to the i-net feature?
How do I add say google search to the i-net feature?

I don't like external file manager apps
Q-Dir does not show the correct icons, it shows the default icons set and not the correct one.


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