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| 11th Mar 2009 |      


I want to put a command line in execute function like (copy a file in a folder where my windows is)
CopyPRMVBS=%windir%cmd.exe /c "copy C:\prm\prm.vbs ."
Is that possible ?

Split the parameter with "="
CopyPRMVBS=%windir%cmd.exe /c="copy C:\prm\prm.vbs ."
Regards Nenad!

Is it possible to execute a batch or a script with the file selected in argument ? like myvbs.vbs My_Selected_File or mybatch.cmd My_Selected_File

Thank for your support, and sorry for my english, I'm french ;-)

OK !
I'Will add
Regards Nenad

Sorry but it don't work
I try this :
CopyPRMVBS=%sysdir%/cmd.exe /c="copy C:\prm\prm.vbs ."
I want it to copy my file C:\prm\prm.vbs in the current dir
so I test that :
CopyPRMVBS=%sysdir%/cmd.exe="/c copy C:\prm\prm.vbs ."
and iot work so ;-)

Please test Q-Dir 3.63

Congratulations for the great Q-Dir!!!
Can the translation be present in a future version of the program?

Single pane for all of us who have small monitor,
Right click on pane border(when in dual pane) to "minimize"(swap, hide it, make it minimal in size) second pane to the window border. I hope you understand, my english.

Q-Dir takes a long time to delete a file.
No matter what size the file is, Q-Dir takes about 20~30 seconds to delete a file.

Translate the FAQs into English???
I know your site is large, but could you please

Very long long list of File Manager replacements
After a very long long list of File Manager replacements , I feel yours is approaching to be the best so far. You have beaten: Powerdesk, Ultraeplorer, ExplorerXP, A43 and many many others.

Do you have planified a French translation of Gui
Do you have planified a French translation of Gui

If you click on "I-net Info" the word "nead" should be "need."
If you click on "I-net Info" the word "nead" should be "need."

I will in one of the next versions implement Translation Tool 4 Q-Dir.
I discovered Q-dir some months ago and i've begun to use it few weekes ago. It's really a very great software, you make very good job!


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