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| 18th Mar 2009 |      


I've just stumbled across Q-Dir after previously using UltraExplorer. One
thing that UltraExplorer does that I can't find in Q-Dir is the ability to
use the same icons for files/directories as Windows Explorer.

For example, I currently use TortoiseSVN and that changes the
files/directory icons if files have modifications etc. When I view these
in UltraExplorer the icon shows the TortoiseSVN icon. In Q-Dir it does

Is there an option in Q-Dir to enable this behaviour?

I Search for this BUG!
Regards Nenad

And everytime i reboot my ccomputer
I'm with ehe version 3.61 and everytime i reboot my ccomputer and start q-dir, the q-dir view is diorganized! 4 windows are there but one of them takes all the place and i have to resize every windows each time.

And I found your software which is exactly what I want to develop my professional software.
I tried a little bit and something's wrong with ColorConsole. There is no auto-completion for directories, files and commands. We can't use this software without that. Do U have an idea when these functionalities will be implemented ?

And the Portable installation?
Microsoft automatic updates downloaded a conflict that crashed Q-Dir, or 2) Microsoft Windows Search 4.0 was downloaded and installed. Q-Dir quit working after one of these events.

I have a collection of Explorer substitutes
I have a collection of Explorer substitutes

In my opinion it beats any
I was wondering though I noticed that on sub folders that are empty in the file tree they contain the + arrows next too them is this a glitch or normal?

Color filter do not works good.
Only strike-out is true. bold or not did not worked, italic works reverse. And a suggestion: ini file must be in same folder for portable use. Why in Windows folder?

Is there an option to turn on auto refresh.
Example when you create a new directory it automatically shows the new dir, instead of having to refresh.

Two specific end-user functions that I would find helpful:
It would be ideal if solution maintained statistics on frequently accessed folders and maintained this list in primary "local" pull-down (would be immediate items when click the "down" arrow).


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