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| 23th Mar 2009 |      


Hi there,

I would like to suggest an improvement. The Quick links are a very
hanfy feature of Q-dir. In the past i used to use Dirkey with provided
keyboard shortcuts to open Explorer in a specifick folder.
So my suggestion is to make it possible to asign a keystroke to a
Quick-link so i can easy just klick on (for example) CTRL-1 to jump
to D:\Programs\ (or any other Quick-link))

Thx in advance, ..............

[CTRL + ALT + (Driver-Char)] Fast Driver Switch.
Ist this not well?
[CTRL +Q] Quck-Links
I will ad char selection in Quck-Links menu

Thanks for you answer and time. The CTRL-ALT-(Drive char) is nice but
i would like more fexibility to jump directly to my favorite folders.

I will add this!

Cannot access folders on my QNAP NAS
Updated to Q-Dir v3.67 from v3.51. Note that v3.67 cannot access folders on my QNAP NAS . v3.51 had no problem to do this. So I have reverted back to v3.51. You may want to investigate this networking issue.

Settings not sticky in Vista.
However once opened, I can open the rejected file and settings are OK. Also, some common context prompts are not honored by qdir, dragging and dropping seems buggy.

Specifically let the user chose what they want on the toolbar.
The favorites is a great option. If it could also save the pane settings (widths, sortorder etc) that would be great.

And I found your software which is exactly what I want to develop my professional software.
I tried a little bit and something's wrong with ColorConsole. There is no auto-completion for directories, files and commands. We can't use this software without that. Do U have an idea when these functionalities will be implemented ?

Be able to open color console
Be able to open color console

Menu words to translate i'll do it for you
Menu words to translate i'll do it for you

I can't use the Q-dir. How can I extend the usage. Do I have to pay?
I can't use the Q-dir. How can I extend the usage. Do I have to pay?

Drag & Drop within Q-Dir and/or from Q-Dir
Within Q-Dir and/or from Q-Dir to Explorer ends up with no results. No menu pops up (asking "copy" or "move" or any other options) and the copy move isn't executed.


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