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| 23th Mar 2009 |      


Q-Dir 3.47

Can you save view for each folder independently so every time I open "downloads" its automatically
sorted by date but when I go to another folder such as program files its automatically sorted by name?
Explorer saves view options for each folder but almost no substitute program seems to do it effectively.
Would also be nice to have it replace / integrate explorer automatically for any time I click on a drive.
Nice little program otherwise.

And Q-Dir 3.61 ?

Tried 3.61 and have same issues...still my favorite amongst explorer replacements and I've tried most of them.
Running Vista 32 bit

Plesae read dhis:

I cannot manage to drag and drop
One question: I cannot manage to drag and drop between the differtent windows of Q-dir, like in the ordinairy explorer of windows.

Would it be possible to create a "Tree-View" button at the toolbar for "One4All" option?
Would it be possible to create a "Tree-View" button at the toolbar for "One4All" option?

Only accessible when using the One 4 All Tree view.
First of wanted to say thanks again for a great app. Second, thanks for adding the 2 new dir views (3L-Dir & 3R-Dir). I am not sure if I was the only one that requested it but thanks again for placing them in.

Language portugues do brasil
Is nice language ;)!

Do you have planified a French translation of Gui
Do you have planified a French translation of Gui

Sorting out my photos they never remain
Excellent software, I use it all the time. I have one gripe and that is that when sorting out my photos they never remain in the place I put them.

Just each screen being a bit to lot too small to 'COMFORTABLY' access.
Before abandoning Q-DIR I changed to total window and the layout within it. .The result is I am still trying to learn and adapt to your program. = point #1. the width of the window and total screen is limited and of most importance.

Very powerful. Keep it up.
Thanx a billion for Q-Dir. Makes stupid M$_Vista a lot more bearable.


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