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| 24th Mar 2009 |      


Yes the curent Q-Dir 32bit runs on Vista x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows Server .x64.

The Q-Dir-x64 is ready , but i do some tests 2-4 weeks!

Not outsite the list of files or folders
Select a part of files or folders by draging so that the draging start within the list of files or folders, not outsite the list of files or folders

Filter Auto Update (Live Update).
I have a suggestion to make the Q-Dir Filter Auto Update (Live Update). With this feature , while the user is typing a Filter Keyword the directory will show the Live Update. The user do not have to press the F5 or Enter button to Filter the Directory.

Thumbnails support XYplorer's unique and famous Mouse Down Blow Up functionality."
I mentioned earlier about a preview pane for each dir view instead of a single one via the One for all tree view. What would also be good instead is when mousing over an image,

File size in bytes, please.
File size in bytes, please.

No matter are disposed icon on desktop,
When I try to restore a layout saved before, icons return back at original status, different of any one saved.

No need to tab when moving files between four drives.
No need to tab when moving files between four drives.

The program no longer remembers to open with tree view enabled,
Or the last view in the directory. I tried to uninstall this version and to revert back to 3.15, but the same problem now exists for that one also.

Progress dialog pops up but then the operation is already finished.
QDir is cool program but recently when I upgraded to Vista (64-bit) there is something wrong with the QDir behaviour. Mainly my consern is about lenghty file operations like copying plenty of files. Basically QDir freezes during the copy operation and no progress dialog is visible to cancel operation.


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