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| 20th Apr 2009 |      


I have been looking all over for an Explorer-look-a-like program which could show instant preview of PDF-files, like it is done with e.g. GIF's and BMP's.
Q-Dir is a fantastic fast and flexible file-explorer which I would like to make my favorit explorer, but I miss the PDF-preview a lot.
I know it is possible to have this feature in Windows Explorer if I install Adobe Acrobat 7.0, but that program is very slow uses a lot of resources.
Hope that you will find the above an interesting feature to add.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I can put in Q-Dir one cache function
for speed up the previews of pdf's !?! ;) !

I do not find thumbnail icon
And method prescribed by you to open jpg files do not work. If I click the jpg photo, the windows picture manager and so opens. I am I doing something wrong?

Excellent portable program
In the English display, under the FILE menu the "New" and "Cloning" line is shown as having its hotkey as "STRG N". On viewing the German display I recognised "STRG" as the English "CTRL".

I use teracopy allot for copying / moving
I would love to see a good implementation of this feature.

I noticed that when I display the contents of system directories
It is very functional and exactly what I was looking for in an explorer program. The only suggestion I have at this time is true 64-bit support

I noticed when switching to English language
In the tooltip for refresh in the treeeview (it says "Actualisieren" instead of "Refresh"). 2. At the bottom of the 'View' menu.

How to choose font for file list items
How to only show visible Desktop icons in a file list of the Desktop folder (not show Internet Explorer, Computer, Network, Control Panel, etc.)

Can you use it with other fonts that are there are there in the computer.
3. Can you use Inter net explorer and mozzarella fire fox 3, Out look Express , and MS out look with QDr3.251 ( if you install It ) 4. Cna you use this program with out istalling It

Screen Magnifier does not work on Monitor 2. It does works on Monitor 1
Extras/Q-Dir always/now:to the left edge and now:to the right edge do not work correctly when Q-Dir is on Monitor 2. It swaps to Monitor 1 and fits to Monitor 1 edge


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