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| 20th Apr 2009 |      


I had this bug in the precedant version.
When I enable the automatic startup , the only string showing up in HKCU:run is c:\program files\De
So the program never starts and i have to correct it manually.
Besides that its a great program. thx for it :)

I will repair

Copy and working copy of source code
I often use this to copy files between two locations that have the same directory hierarchy. For example, source code control local copy and working copy of source code .

Finde es echt spitze. 2 Panels sind mir nicht genug.
Mit persistenten tabs komplett obendrüber die solche 4er sets von Verzeichnissen umschalten lassen. Evtl. könnte man das auch durch eine buttonzeile lösen die gespeicherte favorites öffnet, wobei diese solche Dinge wie die scrollposition der Dateilisten nicht mitspeichern, was bei öfterem umschalten zu mehrmaligem rumscrollen führen könnte.

NewFileTime would also be something great to implement into Q-Dir
NewFileTime would also be something great to implement into Q-Dir

One Loupe supports multi monitor or not
And, cliupoard copying doesn't work for me (Windows XP + Photoshop.). Thanks in advane for your great freeware, see you

This is a restricted location not write accessible to non-privileged users.
Configuration parameters should be written to the locations defined by either "AppData" or "Local AppData" in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders] to ensure they are writeable & personal to each user.

Vista explorer has been driving me crazy.
Vista explorer has been driving me crazy. Thanks so much for this app. Great job.

Variations of both foreground and background colors on text
Also the availability of Explorer's Alt commands (ALT-F-W) to create new documents is something I use frequently.

Hidden is spelled with two d's
You have hiden, should be hidden Wonderful program. Thanks.


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