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| 26th Apr 2009 |      


Before getting into the "complaining"/reporting stuff, i wish to tank you for making and maintaining a constant update of such a cool and very handy application; saves one a lot of time :)))

I have came accross some few bugs while using Q-Dir and hopefully you can help sorting things out. Please find here below a detailed description of the case.

1. Installed OS: Windows Xp Pro
2. Servicepak : Sp3
3. Installed Internet Explorer : V7.0.5730.13
4. Installed Q-Dir :Q-Dir 3.63


1 >> When i get inside a folder with various files and chose to arrange them by type for exemple, Q-Dir will carry properly the task; but as soon as i move out of that folder and then get back in, the setting i have just implemented will be lost !! all the files will be mixed up.

2 >> I sometimes load Q-Dir from Sandboxie program. Doing so i noticed that Q-Dir will hang at times; it worked fine before but since 2 days i have to cope with crashes. I joined screen captures of the issue + the files microsoft errors report application pointed to, maybe it will help to spot the issue.

In advance thank you very much for all,

And Q-Dir 3.71 ?

I click on a folder that contains music
Also can the delete button be relocated to the top and work every time? Many times I click on the delete button and it just ignores me. It should work just liked the delete button on the custom toolbar in XP (before they removed it in Vista)

Running a cmd script
Opening a cmd box in that dir by pushing the lightning button, typing in the name of the script and pressing enter, it does what I should do. This happens to all my .cmd scripts, not only one. They also work when started by double clicking them in a normal explorer window. Maybe the workpath isn't correct?

Double-click on the space to return to the higher level directory.
Double-click on the space to return to the higher level directory.

Finde es echt spitze. 2 Panels sind mir nicht genug.
Mit persistenten tabs komplett obendrüber die solche 4er sets von Verzeichnissen umschalten lassen. Evtl. könnte man das auch durch eine buttonzeile lösen die gespeicherte favorites öffnet, wobei diese solche Dinge wie die scrollposition der Dateilisten nicht mitspeichern, was bei öfterem umschalten zu mehrmaligem rumscrollen führen könnte.

Rename in the context menu/press F2,
Vista selects only the filename, not the extension ! Could you add this to your great software ! It would be very cool !

We need "folders stay on top" option.
Thanks for frequent updates. Q-dir got faster and faster. However I have a wish that could be important for many others.

The mousewheel doesn't scroll
Whichever pane it's hovering could you add that maybe to the next version

I do have a couple of suggestions though.
I could go on and on with suggestions but I feel that the ones above are really important to take this program just over the edge into "must have" territory.


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