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| 3th Apr 2009 |      



I've been trying to reset Q-Dir to its original view settings and I can't get it done. By original view settings I mean the view in the left window: all the windows where identical the left window. Now for some unknown reason this one window wants to be different. Naturally, this trouble-maker ends up right window in two panel mode (which I usually use). It just irks me, so I'm asking you how to correct this.

I've used Window Washer, Ccleaner, and Revo Uninstaller, but it still won't reset back to its original state.

OS Windows XP
IE version 7.05730.13
Service Pack 3

Plase test this:
and kick me again

Just before closing
I tried to save a current situation with set at desktop item (*.qdr file). I would expect that from this item Q-dir wil open de maps as whey were active during the save. But testing it by saving a qdr-file, and then move to other maps in Q-dir, then close Q-dir, and reopen it by double-click on the just-saved Qdr-file on the desktop, Q-dir opens the last-used map, just before closing , and not the maps which were opened during the save of the qdr-file.

Is there a way to choose the details you want shown for the files in the windows,
If there is a way to do this, please let me know. If no such way exists, that would be a really great thing to include next time, since when sorting photo files to edit for size so i can use them, I compare size and dimensions before date or other criteria.

Only softs that I use I post then
PLease, do you have a PAD.xml of Q-Dir?

Manually set a default folder location path?
Would it be possible to incorporate an option which enables user to manually set a default folder location path?

Color filter do not works good.
Only strike-out is true. bold or not did not worked, italic works reverse. And a suggestion: ini file must be in same folder for portable use. Why in Windows folder?

Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available
If I enter a command in the edit field and hit return, the field is "locked". I have to close the tab and re-open.

System Info from SiSoftware Sandra:
Thank you for any comments and suggestions.! Be it in the next version correct !

I want to write a report, or a list of files that I have in a directory.
I want to write a report, or a list of files that I have in a directory. Nowadays I do it with the syntaxis: dir *.* /s /b >Informe.txt but the result it not very practice because is not a graphic form.


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