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| 12th Apr 2009 |      


Hey man (or woman i don't know :p), i really enjoy your job with q-dir, so i'd like to repport you a bug i met.
I'm with ehe version 3.61 and everytime i reboot my ccomputer and start q-dir, the q-dir view is diorganized! 4 windows are there but one of them takes all the place and i have to resize every windows each time.

I hope u'll correct that for the further versions ;)

O.K. ;)
I WILL correct!

Before getting into the
I have came accross some few bugs while using Q-Dir and hopefully you can help sorting things out. Please find here below a detailed description of the case.

Change the background for each folder
Can you please allow me to change the background for each folder through the View menu.

This great minimalistic explorer alternative.
I love that it's so lightweight and doesn't have all those unnecessary features.

I am glad to
Use Q-Dir, Thank you.

("accwiz.exe" if you can't find it on your start menu).
I wish Q-Dir used the same text size as in windows explorer.

I don't speak German but you program seems to be very useful.
I don't speak German but you program seems to be very useful. Could i translate Q-Dir in French ?

"Program too big to fit in memory"
"Program too big to fit in memory"

"A device attached to the system is not functioning."
I unpacked it with PeaZip 2.0 (another time I unpacked it with 7-Zip 4.57); both times successfully.


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