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| 1th May 2009 |      


Is there somewhere a list of the command-line arguments for Q-Dir?? I can't figure out how to make it work right, it always opens with four windows, detail mode, in wrong directory - all these are wrong. How do I tell it to work like I want it to?

Please use Q-Dir 3.73

I don't understand this response. ?
The faq7 page that it refers me to, doesn't even *contain* the word "command", let alone "command line".
Is there somewhere a list of the command-line arguments for Q-Dir??
I am using Q-Dir 3.73


Q-Dir.exe c:\fav1.qdr
Q-Dir.exe "c:\folder with space\fav1.qdr"

Q-Dir.exe "c:\folder with space\" d:\ e:\ "c:\folder_2x with space\"

I will add more
Send Me Your Tips ;)

Oh, okay. I was hoping there were other arguments for (for example) specifying 1dir/2dir/3dir formats, etc. I was originally coming up in 4-window mode and I wanted to give an argument which would explicitly tell it "display current directory in 1-dir format, regardless of how you are currently configured". Sounds like I can't do that.

Also, "." (to specify current directory) still doesn't work.

Sorry for the delayed response.
I'll chech this
Please feel free and kick me again!

I'm using 1900x1200 resolution
I'm using 1900x1200 resolution in my monitor, the Q-Dir default UI font size display too small, Can I change the font size?

Can you tell me why the option Favorites does not work for me.
Whatever I click nothing happens or opens. I work with Vista Home Premium on a Asus A7Cc laptop.

Just each screen being a bit to lot too small to 'COMFORTABLY' access.
Before abandoning Q-DIR I changed to total window and the layout within it. .The result is I am still trying to learn and adapt to your program. = point #1. the width of the window and total screen is limited and of most importance.

I have now, on day 2, discovered how to reset the screen to 2, 3 or 4 panels.
Now, if I can only find out h9w to run a search for a file on my hard drive, I will be happy.

Translate the FAQs into English???
I know your site is large, but could you please

Language portugues do brasil
Is nice language ;)!

I was wondering if you have a secure way for me to make a donation
for your work on these utilities that you have posted as freeware. They are great programs for free and there is not many things in this world for free anymore.

No question, just a comment
But having 4 panes is surprisingly helpful - thanks very much


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