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| 10th May 2009 |      


First of all, congrats and thanks for Q-Dir. As you said: Once Q-Dir, always Q-Dir. I've used version 3.67 and now upgraded to 3.74 and both have a small bug which occurs randomly. 10% of the times I cut or copy something, be it via shortcut or the context menu, if I close the window and try to paste the files in another instance it doesn't work, and the Paste option in the context menu is even grayed.

A very tiny bug for an otherwise amazing piece of software. I'm a software developer myself and I thank you again very much for Q-Dir.

P.S.: Windows XP SP 3 (brazilian portuguese) on both home and work machines.


Thanks for the tip.
Will try in one of the next version to integrate.

I will do my best ;)

If exists English version of this.?
Or, can you imagine any way to make this localization, please?

Only softs that I use I post then
PLease, do you have a PAD.xml of Q-Dir?

Variations of both foreground and background colors on text
Also the availability of Explorer's Alt commands (ALT-F-W) to create new documents is something I use frequently.

I think this app could use a good renaming feature!
Similar too Ant Renamer, Metamorphose file renamer, WildRename, and WildReplace. I use features of each one, just wish their was one that combined it all.

AUTO save view mode and organize methods for individual folders
Single Pane! - AUTO save view mode and organize methods for individual folders (including show in groups, auto-organize and aline to grid) - Keep this options for the next time the program runs!

One Loupe supports multi monitor or not
And, cliupoard copying doesn't work for me (Windows XP + Photoshop.). Thanks in advane for your great freeware, see you

I think maybe something like copy/move hotkeys (like F5 ar F6 in other file managers)
Fast switching between panels - Ctrl+Alt+1 [.,2,3,4] between folders and Ctrl+Alt+5 [.6,7,8] between folder trees. If folder tree view is "one 4 all", then Ctrl+Alt+0 would be switch to that main tree view.

Configurable buttons to run commands on a selected folder or file(s).
Display the free space of the drive when the drive is clicked in the tree view.


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