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| 15th May 2009 |      


sorry for the false alarm. don't really know what happened but it
started working. no, not because of a reboot, which I did many
times. something else corrected the problem

thanks anyway


Thanks for the tip.
x64(64bit) or x86 (32bit)

still working. :)
question: when I save a desktop, where is it saved? I can't find it
in the registry, program data, appdata etc, or am I going blind?

Default is the DesktopOK.ini in "C:\Windows\DesktopOK.ini"
Create or copy in the same directory the file DesktopOK.ini. DesktopOK
then uses this to save the layout.

ok, more mucking around, reboot, winupdate......

now it doesn't crash anymore (don't know why), but it's back to the
original problem - it doesn't do anything. it saves, but can't
restore, no error message

something is weird with desktopok under win7-64

Sorry, it's me again!! (ducks, shoe hits wall)

I changed from win7-32 to win7-64. DesktopOk crashes explorer. I get
"windows explorer has stopped working".

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot


Please test it
Regards Nenad

For explorer when opening folders/drives;
Nice program! It would be nice to have an option to substitute QDir for explorer when opening folders/drives; like PowerDesk but this is still very useful

I use teracopy allot for copying / moving
I would love to see a good implementation of this feature.

Always asks me do I trust this program
I need a little help. This is actually a Vista question. I created a shortcut on my desktop to e:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe to start the program. The problem is that it always asks me do I trust this program to run and I have to click ALLOW button. How do I stop this?

Select filename when press F2, select file extension when press F2 again,
I wish to have a filter box, and when I enter keyword in the filter box, Q-Dir shows files and folders having the keyword in their name.

This great tool that makes my life better every day!
Q-Dir 3.16 is not able to open nor create shortcuts pointing to folders. OS: Windows XP Professional SP2

Could you please build in an option so that I can select 1,2 or 4 panels to display?
Perhaps I will send you a thank-you reward after 30 days if I still find your program as good as I do today.

Customizable toolbars
Compare/Synchronize folders feature - Disk space useage info for USB Flash drives (Currently only gives info on standard HDs)

I have 'lost' the info bar
Have you found ? PS: I lost the yesterday Day ;) ! Yes! All OK Danke Schon


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