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| 3th May 2009 |      


Thank you for this software. Very nice. I often use this to copy files between two locations that have the same directory hierarchy. For example, source code control local copy and working copy of source code . Or perhaps a directory hierarchy and a simple backup of the same hierarchy. I find myself navigating between 2 panes of Q-Dir and performing the same navigation step. Is it possible to optionally synchronize the navigation of 2 windows so that when one changes the other also changes? For example I have two windows side-by-side, one showing my local
c:\program files\
and the other showing a remote computer
\\remotePC\c$\program files
If I navigate up to parent folder in one window then the other would also navigate up. Likewise for navigating down to a child directory. Anyway, thanks again.

Will try in one of the next version to integrate.

Delete a folder using another program
I notice that if i delete a folder using another program and then try to update the tree view using either F5 or the menu to remove that now missing folder, the tree view does not update and still shows the missing folder but the folder column to the right of the tree view does update correctly (in explorer, the tree view does update automatically correctly). Is this by design and is there a way to change this behavior?

Q-Dir takes a long time to delete a file.
No matter what size the file is, Q-Dir takes about 20~30 seconds to delete a file.

The program no longer remembers to open with tree view enabled,
Or the last view in the directory. I tried to uninstall this version and to revert back to 3.15, but the same problem now exists for that one also.

Change file listing colours depending on extension.
(1)The ability to link individual folder listing colours to a file extension colour. (2)The ability to change listing text size. (3)The ability to change file listing icons.

I think following functions can be added:
I think following functions can be added:

File size in bytes, please.
File size in bytes, please.

Can the Q_Dir fonts be changed to something less thick
Can the Q_Dir fonts be changed to something less thick

Change background and row highlighting colors in both the folder treeview and the listview.
When I extract the contents of a zipped file into a new folder (which is created by the compression program), Q-Dir sees the new folder in the listview, but not the treeview. The only way I can get the new folder to show up in the treeview is to restart Q-Dir. I have tried 7-Zip and TugZip , and the same thing happens with both.


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