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| 3th May 2009 |      


Hi There. this is CPM. I am a computer professional - almost 10 years now. Would like to encourage you for Q-dir with some suggestions.

I used all software like XYplorer , xplorer2, total commander, QTtabbar etc...

There are always some good things in these product. my idea of writing you is to get good things in above software to be integrated in Q-dir. Would like to encourqage you to install above software and see some features that are really cool which can make Q-dir even more amazing...

comparing with Q-dir
XYplorer - it works excellent in terms of directory loading for network driver.The bottom bar of xy plorer is great with many useful feature. but again multi tab interface is what we do not want

QTTabbar - it is amazing with it ability to display a small icon against folder name. you can go to deep inside and see the preview directly with that. this is something you can implement in Q-dir

Integrating a product called Everything would also raise cpaabilities of Q-dir

Please contact me if you need any further details / discussion. Would be really great if you make this happen and Thank you for this free software.

Thanks for the tips.

Dual monitor setup
When I close the new x64 version and reopen it, it always opens maximized on my primary monitor. I resize it and move it to my secondary monitor. When I close and reopen Q-Dir, it opens again maximized on my primary monitor.

Restore my position of icon while I reinstall window xp.
It happened when I try to restore them and I found that no history data when I ran the Desktop OK after I installed a new window application.

All the folders and registry settings appear to be the same
As in my vista laptop which is ver. 3.15 and does work correctly, remembering tree view and my last place in the directory.

Most labels are in German.?? Other tab contents seem fine.
Most labels are in German.?? Other tab contents seem fine.

We need "folders stay on top" option.
Thanks for frequent updates. Q-dir got faster and faster. However I have a wish that could be important for many others.

Settings not sticky in Vista.
However once opened, I can open the rejected file and settings are OK. Also, some common context prompts are not honored by qdir, dragging and dropping seems buggy.

Due to this you are not visually sure that the action has been really performed.
I am starting using Q-Dir and I have noticed that, when you make some changes (movement, delete) to a file, the action is effectively done but the file still appears in its original position and not in the new one unless you exit and re-enter its directory.

From extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all
I'm writing now because, also on version 3.33, if I open the program and from extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all , after closing, re-opening the program that setting is lost.


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