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| 3th May 2009 |      


When displaying trees for the 4 views , the trees doesn't react :
Clicking on any of the 4 tree doesn't lead to the folders on the right side of the pane related to the trees.
I went to your site and downloaded a former version : Q-Dir_Portable_Unicode.zip.
Renamed the Q-Dir.exe (version 3.73) on my hard disk to Q-Dir.exeaaaa, to desactive it but keep it, in case I need it back.
Extracted Q-Dir.exe to the folder on my hard disk where the 3.73 version is.
Opened Q-Dir as usual from the shortcut I normaly use to do it.
It opened and the 4 trees worked normaly, reacting when they were clicked and opening folders on the right panes.

Might be a small (they always are small!!!) bug or even bugs.

Thank you for your work.

PS- Mmmm, I just had a flash :
I have just seen that the version I downloaded, the Q-Dir_Portable_Unicode.zip, is 3.73 too.
But it's an unicode version, and my xp is a french version (I know : nobody's perfect;-)), you know with this kind of signs : , etc...
So, I thought that may be, the bugs may comes from there ?
I use Q-Dir in french language (it is automatically selected when opening).
That's all, for now.
All the best.
Schuss !!!

4 trees worked normaly

possibility of folder comparaisons
(e: this file is or not in one or other folder by 2 differents color) only name comparaison
(file size comparaison would be done later ! file by file probably)

Will try in one of the next version to integrate.


Paste option in the context menu
I've used version 3.67 and now upgraded to 3.74 and both have a small bug which occurs randomly. 10% of the times I cut or copy something, be it via shortcut or the context menu, if I close the window and try to paste the files in another instance it doesn't work, and the Paste option in the context menu is even grayed.

May I translate the UI Language to Chinese?
May I translate the UI Language to Chinese?

Ich kann das nicht auf Deutsch erklaeren, also muss ich alles auf Englisch schreiben.
The mouse is a Logitech VX Revolution; I have tried to alter the settings of the mouse with the software that came with it (I added Q-Dir to the list of programs that the buttons are used for) but that did not work, either.

Can you tell me why the option Favorites does not work for me.
Whatever I click nothing happens or opens. I work with Vista Home Premium on a Asus A7Cc laptop.

Single pane for all of us who have small monitor,
Right click on pane border(when in dual pane) to "minimize"(swap, hide it, make it minimal in size) second pane to the window border. I hope you understand, my english.

Would it be possible to create a "Tree-View" button at the toolbar for "One4All" option?
Would it be possible to create a "Tree-View" button at the toolbar for "One4All" option?

How do I stop it?
Why does Q dir want to open Omnipage 15 when I right click on a jpeg file??

Windows vista 32
Please use the Q-Dir 3.33


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