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Where is the fonts folder in Windows-7 (find, open)?

Please start the MS Explorer in Win-7 e.g. to install or uninstall the Windows-7 Fonts, to open the Windows 7 fonts e.g find the fonts folder!

Please use the Win-7 keyboard-shortcut [Windows + E] and in the address bar [ALT+D] enter the address: shell:fonts or %WINDIR%/Fonts (C:\Windows\Fonts)! and you can see all installed fonts, in Windows 7 fonts (... see Image-1 Arrow-1).

Via drag&drop or copy and paste, add (install) the new fonts for Windows 8 and 8.1, or ctrl+x uninstall installed fonts in Windows-7 folder!
HOT-TIP: ... FontViewOK

Tip: you can also use [Windows+R] and command shell:fonts to directly open the Windows-7 Font-Directory, via Windows-7 Run-Dialog!

(Image-1) Fonts folder in Windows-7 install and uninstall the system fonts!
Fonts folder in Windows-7 install and uninstall the system fonts!

FAQ 92: Updated on: March 23th 2014 22:02

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