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Update on: February 14th 2017
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Q-Dir 6.49.5

Suitable for Microsoft : Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2000-2016, XP, Vista, x64/x32/x86

A little text to the folder types;)

It makes no problems to upload images or other files in Q-Dir via "Microsoft's internal FTP".

For the future I will write Q-Dir internal solution for FTP. I hoped that this MS-FTP solution will be improved, but in Microsoft's Windows Vista and also Seven, this is not happening.

So I hawe to write a little more comfortable and slightly faster FTP client in future ;).

But for "normal" FTP data transfers it is sufficient.

For myself, I have no problems with this FTP data transfer. Only when transfer is larger then 100 files it comes sometimes to hangups.

folder types ZIP FTP CAB

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Program Keys : <>Directories, file, organize, manage, manager, images, move, copy, delete, organize, system, disk, directory structure, documents, disk, tree, file, folder structure, structure, scan, documents, explorer
# About # Screenshots # History # Faq # ... Download (523 KB)


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