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FAQ: Q-Dir the file management
104. Disable and Enable Column in Q-Dir Listview, how to?
103. Q-Dir new and old Tree-View?
102. Remove Q-Dir from Windows Autostart (Startup), how to?
101. The tabs are not always displayed (visible) in the Explorer view of Q-Dir, why?
100. Help, no Tool-Bar and Address-Bar in Explorer Q-Dir?
99. How to select non adjacent files in explorer list view?
98. How to show last open favorite e.g. the name of the .qdr file in the title bar!
97. How to disable all Colors Highlighting of files and folders?
96. Auto-Expand of the Windows System favorites at program start in Q-Dir.
95. Disable the Windows Explorer file grouping in Q-Dir!
94. What for are the Lines and Buttons at the root in Tree-View ?
93. Start Q-Dir with last window position and view settings!
92. Address Bar rules in Q-Dir are like in MS Windows Explorer!
91. Keeping a specific layout pane setting, size and view 4 next start!
90. Being able to disable auto-arrange within folders?
89. Is it possible to have only one instance of Q-Dir (tab, open, explorer )?
88. On what the permission problem is, I'm Admin?
87. Can i make Q-Dir open if i double click My Computer?
86. Filemanager Q-Dir on Windows 8.1 (explorer, test, verification)?
85. How to delete favorite filters entered by mistake?
84. How to delete Autocomplete entries, strings, text entered by mistake or no longer wanted?
83. Can i Enter/use the IP address in Q-Dir address-bar on Windows-8?
82. Why do some file/folder sizes have underline? I would like to disable!
81. Change the default action of pressing WIN+E to start Q-Dir and not explorer.exe on Windows 7 and Windows 8?
80. Works the Q-Explorer Q-Dir in Windows 8?
79. How to, turn off view the zip files in the tree-view, (disable, show, folder)?
78. Under windows 7, when i select a color design, the first column remains white?
77. In the Windows Explorer of Windows Vista and 7, we can select multiple files using checkbox why not in Q-Dir?
76. It is possible to close Explorer Tab in 1 click?
75. Enabling mouse over scrolling, i use the mouse scroll wheel!?
74. Folders expand too quickly at drag over, in Tree-View?
73. I'm missing a option 'Auto column width'?
72. IE8.0 was now automatically updated to the latest ver., but on the surface is nothing to see?
71. I want to start Q-Dir with *.QDR settings from the taskbar in Windows-7?
70. How can i switch address bar in Explorer Q-Dir to Windows Vista, or Windows Seven address bar?
69. Start with a favorite, without to register *.qdr?
68. Problems when deleting, and listing on the network and NTFS drives?
67. I would like to add Q-Dir to windows system shell context menu!
66. I would like to disable Auto-Expand of Folders!
65. I would like to see the full name of the folder in the tab!
64. In Firefox navigation between tabs, the standard navigation buttons for this function are Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDn!
63. Leave the folder size display in a column, does it (Q-Dir)?
62. A little helpers, I have still not found, something like "minimize to tray"?
61. 7zip and TortoiseSvn context menus are missing inside Q-Dir, also the TortoiseSvn icon overlays!
60. Can i drag tabs to restructure them? Just like what google chrome does?
59. Problem, PDF preview does not work for me with Q-Dir 4.15 x64?
58. How can I change the color of the sorted column. Right now the sorted column turns white?
57. Please explain: WARNING Once Q-Dir always Q-Dir?
56. Some of the windows have 1 or more tabs. How do i remove extra them?
55. Is there the Q-Dir File Manager for Linux or Mac OS X?
54. Is there a way to start Q-Dir with a parameter of path? E.g, I can do this with?
53. How to navigate up a folder?
52. Q-Dir and Windows x64. How does it work?
51. How do i use the Q-Dir internal file association rules eg 7-Zip?
50. Occasional problems with "*.qdr" files. The icon is now red not blue!
49. How can i force move or copy of the data while dragging?
48. How can edit or copy very long paths in Vista address bar?
47. How to change the background colour of the active pane?
46. How can i portable files are opened using programs from that same location?
45. How can i change the colour of the header bar of the active window?
44. I think is missing is the "Invert Selection" option!
43. Is it possible to change the title of the Q-Dir window?
42. How can I enlarge the thumbnails in Q-Dir?
41. How can i change the groups settings in Q-Dir?
40. How can i synchronize directories in Q-Dir whit xcopy.exe?
39. Q-Dir won´t do password protected FTP!
38. How can i filter the Files in Q-dir?
37. Is there a search function in Q dir?
36. How do i add say google search to the i-net feature?
35. How can i browse FTP folders with Q-DIR? do you support SFTP?
34. How can i change the preview filter settings?
33. Can Q-Dir displays the folder size information?
32. Can i have a separate tree view for each list view?
31. I"m visually impaired, how do i enlarge the font on my Q-Dir?
30. Can I somehow disable the click navigation sound ?
29. The 7-zip context is not in Q-Dir under Win Vista x64. Why?
28. The columns chaos - a never-ending story?
27. Has the Q-Dir fast access to frequently used programs?
26. Has Q-Dir a single tree that can be used for all panes?
25. Q-Dir 3.31 and Windows 98?
24. Dragging doesn"t work at all when dragging from a network (mapped) drive!
23. To make Q-Dir truly portable!
22. Help! Default bold font is killing my eyes!
21. Help: "Connection error" in Vista when the folder is locked!
20. How can I block Q-Dir to open *.zip, *.rar *.cab folder?
19. Problems with Vista and favorites or desktop shortcuts!
18. How can i manage or delete the favorites?
17. How can I preview PDF files of Adobe and other Images?
16. How can i transfer the folder from View-1 to View-2?
15. error message: You might not have enough rights!
14. How do i transfer the settings of columns in Q-Dir?
13. The column settings are not saved. Why?
12. Where is the difference between favorites and Quick links?
11. I do forward and back-navigation, Q-Dir forget the selected objects . Why?
10. How can i preview images in Q-Dir?
9. How can i do with Q-Dir pictures and posters print?
8. How to Change Column Settings in Q-Dir?
7. Q-Dir opens 4 times my computer, last setting is lost?
6. Color filter only *.mp3 . How?
5. How can I change the favorites folder in Q-Dir?
4. How can i start with a favorite setting?
3. How can i create a New-Folder?
2. What do the "Red" files in Explorer?
1. The wrong program opens a file Why?


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