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Is there a way i can stop it from saving the file to my desktop?

Yes at DesktopOK 1.71

Similarly, one can now optionally rename the DesktopOK.exe to DesktopOK_reg.exe. Thus, the Iconlayout and the settings are stored in the registry.
Under : "HKCU/Software/SoftwareOK.de/DesktopOK".

Since there were reports by user, about save problems in Windows 7 is available at this time as an alternative.

(Image-1) DesktopOK save the settings in Windows Registry!
DesktopOK save the settings in Windows Registry!

FAQ 7: Updated on: December 23th 2014 11:17

The Freeware Program DesktopOK is suitable for Microsoft Windows :
Servers 2000, 2003, Server 2008, 2012 Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows-8, Windows 8.1 / x64 and x86 (x32)
FAQ: DesktopOK
2. Is there a command line option to start the program minimized?
3. Can´t restore icon positions ( Vista x64 )?
4. Is there a command line option to save or load the icons layout directly from a file?
5. what does "punch the icons" in DesktopOK?
6. Has DesktopOK Save option for correct layout naming at multi-screens?
7. Is there a way i can stop it from saving the file to my desktop? ***
8. Can you tell me exactly how to download the English version of 64 bit Desktop OK?
9. I have set it to 'Keep last 4' but it does not do so!
10. How can i save and load the desktop icon's position from a file?
11. DesktopOK isn't saving my desktop icons. How do i uninstall it?




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Asked questions on this answer:
  1. Thank you for your program DesktopOK. I use it all the time. I have a question... everytime I save my desktop it puts a ini file on my desktop. it's called "DesktopOK.ini". Is there a way I can stop it from saving the file to my desktop?
  2. Very nice program design. The program seems to save OK but does not restore. I tried the other version but got the same results. Nothing happens when I click restore after changing the layout to test the program. What can I do?
  3. I found one problem: my PC has other users than me, sometimes we are logged on at the same time (using Switch User). Only I run DesktopOK, have it set up to auto-save icon position. I have two monitors, and use both in my account. Another user comes at the computer, switches to his user account in Windows, DesktopOK keeps running in my account. This other user uses different screen resolution, and only one monitor. When I switch back to my Windows account, I see that DesktopOK has saved positions with resolution from that other user, and with only one monitor. If I haven't manually saved icon positions before his switch, I cannot restore my icons.
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