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How can i portable files are opened using programs from that same location?

It is quite easy to open files in a portable installation with Windows programs in Q-Dir!

associating Program StartsUse Quick links or Program-Run for this (screenshot 1+2).
Use the char "=" for splitting. For example Name=Path=Arguments

Starting with version 6.46, you can also define the working directory! Who needs it will know why!
Name=Path=Arguments=Work directory

Some example:
Relativ Path Example
Drive of Q-Dir:

Placeholder for Parameters:

%windir% for Windows Folder.
%sysdir% for System(32) Folder.
%sel_files% for Selected files.
%sel_files1% .... %sel_files4% for Selected files in view 1,2,3 or 4.
%all_files1% .... %all_files4% for all files in view 1,2,3 or 4.
%all_files% for all files.
%curdir% for Folder in active view.
%curdir1% .... %curdir4% for Folder in view 1,2,3 or 4.

Placeholder for locations and Work Directory:

%windir% for Windows Folder
%sysdir% for System(32) Folder
%desktop% for my Desktop
%appdat% for my Appdat
%personal% for my personal files

%drive% for curient Q-Dir.exe Drive
        (for example: "L:\" when Q-Dir locations L:\Programs\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe)

from 6.46
when run or open for example C:\XXX\fff.bat is:
%fdir% = C:\XXX

(Image-1) Q-Dir Paths and Folders!
implement a way of associating files on a portable installation with programs in the portable locations

See also:
Is there a way to start Q-Dir with a parameter of path? E.g, I can do this with?
How can I synchronize directories in Q-Dir whit xcopy.exe?

FAQ 46: Updated on: December 2th 2016 16:50

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Asked questions on this answer:
Hi, Love Q-Dir, still hoping to see you implement a way of associating files on a portable installation with programs in the portable locations. This way if running Q-Dir from a portable install, files are opened using programs from that same location vs on the host machine. Below please find a link to a small utility that currently provides this functionality. http://www.portablefreeware.com/index.php?id=1317 Thanks for your hard work and keep it up. Bob
Love Q-Dir. Could you add: Open a command prompt window here prompt? Ths way I could open a DOS window after navigating thru Q-Dir.
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