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Start with a favorite, without to register *.qdr?

To start with a favorite settings, without to register *.qdr files for the file manager Q-Dir on windows OS. Please create a shortcut! for example on the Windows Desktop!

For example 
create link: D:\q-dir\q-dir.exe "D:\path-to-QDR-file\test.dqr" (... see Image-1 Arrow-1 and 2)

Start with a favorite, without to register *.qdr?
Start with a favorite, without to register *.qdr?

FAQ 69: Updated on: April 9th 2014 12:03

The Freeware Program Q-Dir is suitable for Microsoft Windows :
Servers 2000, 2003, Server 2008, 2012 Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows-8, Windows 8.1 / x64 and x86 (x32)
FAQ: Q-Dir file management freeware
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69. Start with a favorite, without to register *.qdr? ***
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  My question is not there in the FAQ
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Asked questions on this answer:
  1. I use QDir in the portable version on a USB stick. Now I would like to start the program with a favorite, which is not yet apparent. A wish of QDir space provided desktop shortcut, not me I then the system of my firm is involved. Therefore it would be nice (and powerful for all users), when not only individual folders, but a QDir-favorite at the start might be specified - eg qdir.exe/fav "My Favorite"
  2. Will be useful if for example: wants in the company (department) avoid using Q-Dir portable and that are made in the system changes.
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