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AndroidAP Password for Samsung Galaxy (forgot, to change, enter new)?

Security: WPA2 PSK
Passwort: quertyui

To change the AndroidAP Password for Samsung Galaxy, please open the Homemenu (Home-Page) on your Samsung Galaxy then click in Settings on Wireless and Networks (... See Image-1 Arrow-1).

See also: ... Where can I find the settings on Samsung Galaxy?
On the Page for "Settings Wireless and Networks"
Select the Settings: "Tethering and portable Hotspot" (... See Image-2 Arrow-1) and in "Tethering and portable Hotspot" (... Image-3) select "Mobile AP-Setings (... See Image-3 Arrow-1).

And lastly select, on the Samsung Galaxy Touch Screen "Configure Mobile AP"(... See Image-4 Arrow-1).

Se also for android 4.x : ... hots pot on Android + password set up, modify and activating!

(Image-1) Settings Wireless and Networks Samsung-Galaxy!
Settings Wireless and Networks Samsung-Galaxy!

(Image-2) Samsung-Galaxy Settings Tethering and portable Hotspot
Samsung-Galaxy Settings Tethering and portable Hotspot

(Image-3)Mobile AP Settings on Samsung-Galaxy
Mobile AP Settings on Samsung-Galaxy

(Image-4) Configure Mobile Android Password on Samsung-Galaxy
Security: WPA2 PSK
Password: quertyui

Configure Mobile Android Password on Samsung-Galaxy

FAQ 3: Updated on: March 30th 2015 10:50
FAQ: Samsung-Galaxy
1. Where can i find the settings on Samsung Galaxy?
2. How to open the installed applications (APPs) on my Samsung Galaxy?
3. AndroidAP Password for Samsung Galaxy (forgot, to change, enter new)? ***
4. How to open settings WiFi on my Samsung Galaxy?


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