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Shortcut for Device Manager on Windows-10 Desktop, how to? (Drivers)

The Windows-10 Device Manager Desktop Shortcut allows fast access to Device Manager from the Desktop, for example, to see if all the drivers are installed and works correctly! 

Please start the MS-Explore from Window 10 Run Command (Windows+R)  and enter the  command:
explorer /select, %WINDIR%\System32\devmgmt.msc

This command will auto select the devmgmt.msc in C:\Windows\System32\  folder.

And now simply use Right Mouse Drag&Drop and rename the Desktop Shortcut for example to Device Manager on you Windows 10 Desktop. (... see Image-1 Arrow 1 to 3) that is a fast and simple solution :-)

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(Image-1) Device Manager Desktop Shortcut for Windows-10!
Device Manager Desktop Shortcut for Windows-10!
Useful info from MS (c):

If your Windows-10 computer is having problems with a recently installed device or other hardware, try using the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to fix the problem on Windows-10. It checks for common issues and makes sure that any new device or hardware attached to your Windows-10 computer was installed correctly.

In Windows 10 When you right-click a device icon in Devices and Printers, you can select from a list of tasks that vary depending on the capabilities of the device. For example, you might be able to see what's printing on a network printer, view files stored on a USB flash drive for Windows 10, or open a program from the device manufacturer. For mobile devices that support the new Device Stage feature in Windows 10, you can also open advanced, device-specific features in Windows from the right-click menu, such as the ability to sync with a mobile phone or change ringtones.

FAQ 105: Updated on: July 26th 2017 14:26
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