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Customize Recycle Bin in Windows 10, how to?

You can easily custom Recycle Bin in Windows 10, for example  the Maximum size in MB, or disable the Recycle Bin, remove files immediately when deleted. The solution is also for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7!

Please open the Recycle Bin Properties via Run-Dialog and the command shell:RecycleBinFolder (... see Image-1 Arrow 1&2)

By a mouse right-click on an empty space in the Explorer view, open the properties of the  Recycle Bin in Windows-10!
(... see Image-1 Arrow 3 and 4)

And now select the Partition e.g. Recycle Bin Location and change the Settings for selected location:
1. Custom size in MB or 
2. Disable the Recycle Bin for the selected Partition via Check-box:
Don't move files to the &Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted.
(... see Image-1 Arrow 5 to 7)

See also: How to delete files without the Recycle Bin ||  Customize the pagefile.sys in Windows 10 

(Image-1) Customize Recycle Bin in Windows-10!
Customize Recycle Bin in Windows-10!

When you delete a file from your Windows 10 computer, it's actually just moved to the Windows 10 Recycle Bin, where is it temporarily stored until the Recycle Bin is emptied. This gives you an opportunity to recover accidentally deleted files on Windows 10 and restore them to their original Windows 10 locations.

See also: How to restore Windows-8.1 / 10 Files and Folders || Restore system files and settings from a Windows 10 ||

FAQ 135: Updated on: November 9th 2015 20:06

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  1. How to, don't move files to the Recycle Bin.?
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