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Handwriting personalization on a Windows-10 Tablet PC, how to?

The solution to Handwriting personalization on a Windows-10 Tablet PC Input Panel and in programs for the Tablet PC Automatic learning, this solution is also for Windows 8.1 and Seven!

Please star via Windows X Menu the Run Command Dialog and enter the command 
%programfiles%\common files\microsoft shared\ink\shapecollector.exe
(... see Image-1 Point 1 to 3)

The Windows 10 Handwriting personalization gives you two options: targeting specific characters or words that aren't recognized correctly, or teaching the tool to recognize your general handwriting style. 

(Image-1) Handwriting personalization Windows-10 Tablet PC and Notebook!
Handwriting personalization Windows-10 Tablet PC and Notebook!

Nice Info from (c) Microsoft 

If you can identify which characters or words cause the most recognition errors, the following tables can help you decide which option to start with to target that type of error. You can complete each section of the tool more than once. If your handwriting om Windows 10 is often recognized incorrectly, investing the time to complete each section of the tool several times could greatly improve those results.

You can increase the likelihood that your handwriting will be recognized correctly in Windows-10 Tablet PC Input Panel and in programs for the Tablet PC by using the following tools:
Windows-10 Handwriting personalization. By providing samples of your handwriting, you can train your Windows-10 Tablet PC to recognize your handwriting style.
Automatic learning in Windows-10. Automatic learning adds the words that you use and how you write them to your handwriting dictionary on Windows-10. This is especially useful for acronyms, jargon, and proper names that you use frequently.

FAQ 176: Updated on: July 22th 2017 21:42
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