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Help Windows 10 has no fax and scan function, where is it?

Don't panic, even the new Windows 10 has a fax and scan function to scan a page on the fly as a document and send as a fax!

The quickest way to open the windows fax and scan software with the command WFS, stands for (Windows Fax Scan)

Start the Windows 10 run dialog and simply type the WFS command, this will start the Windows 10 fax and scan software.
(... see Image-1 Arrow 1 to 3)

If an email client program is installed, you can send the scanned documents as an e-mail or fax (... see Image-1 Arrow-4&5) . The default folder for the scanned documents is:  Documents \ Scanned Documents

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(Image-1) Windows 10 fax and scan software!
Windows 10 fax and scan software!
Useful info from (c) Microsoft:

You can crop an image before scanning it by clicking Preview in the New Scan dialog box. In the preview area, drag the handles of the cropping tool to resize the image.

Some scanners can save individual documents or photos placed on the scanner bed as separate files on Windows 10. If your scanner has that capability, you can select the Preview or scan images as separate files check box. If your scanner doesn't have the capability, this option will be unavailable.

Scanned documents and photos in Windows 10 are stored in the Documents folder under Scanned Documents. If you create a new folder in the Windows 10 Scanned Documents folder, it won't appear in the Scan view until you close and reopen Windows Fax and Scan, or collapse and then expand the list of folders.

To change the default file name for a scanned document or photo, right-click the file name in the Scan view, and then click Rename.

To organize your scanned documents or photos on Windows 10, right-click the Scan folder in the left pane, and then click New Folder. To move a scanned document or photo to a folder, right-click the document, click Move to Folder, and then select the destination on Windows 10 OS.

You can automatically forward scanned documents to an e‑mail address or a Windows 10 network folder. To choose a forwarding option, click the Tools menu, and then click Scan Routing. Select your preferred option, enter the details, and then click Save on you Windows 10 PC.

FAQ 64: Updated on: August 23th 2016 14:59
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