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Task Manager Desktop shortcut, start minimized in Windows 8.1 / 10!

The solution is simple to create a Desktop shortcut, to start the Task Manager in minimized or normal window mode!

The solution here is for Windows 7, 8 8.1 and Windows 10!

The minimized mode is very useful if you want to see the CPU load in the tray area (notification area)!

First you created in this example under Windows 8.1 a system desktop shortcut for the Task Manager!
I've prepared here: ... Download Desktop TaskManager.zip

So [Windows Logo] + [D] to see the desktop, then open the desktop menu by a right click in the blank area on the Windows desktop! Now just select New, Shortcut. In the input field, enter Taskmgr.exe. Then click the Button NEXT! Enter the name in next Window, for the example TM for task manager! 

And now is the desktop shortcut for the Windows Task Manager created!
... Read more: ... minimized start!

(Image-1) Desktop shortcut for Task Manager!
Desktop shortcut for Task Manager!

1.) Task Manager minimizes start!

But now we want to change it, so that Task Manager starts minimized, when start it via this desktop shortcut.

By right-clicking on the Task Manager desktop shortcut in the menu just select Properties.

And now click on the Box Run: and select Minimized,  clicking Apply this will set the new start rule!
(... see Image-2 Arrow-1,2,3,4)

(Image-2) Windows Task Manager in minimized mode!
Windows Task Manager in minimized mode!

FAQ 189: Updated on: November 7th 2015 11:26

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