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How to start windows 8 / 10 in Safe Mode (Diagnostic-, Selective-, Normal- Startup)?

To start windows 8 / 10 or win 8.1 in Safe Mode (Safe boot) use system configuration!

Please press the key combination
[Win-Logo]+[R], then simply type the command msconfig.exe ( ... see Image-1 Arrow-1)
and confirm that with [ENTER], or press the [OK] button.
Select Boot ( ... see Image-1 Arrow-2) and Save Boot ( ... see Image-1 Arrow-3)
to start Save Boot click or tap "Apply" ( ... see Image-1 Arrow-4)
PS: Full path of msconfig.exe is "C:\Windows\System32\msconfig.exe"

1.) Windows 8 in Safe Mode.
1a.) Info about Windows 8 in Safe Mode.
2.) Normal-, Diagnostic-, Selective-, Startup in Windows-8.
2a.) Info: Normal-, Diagnostic-, Selective-, Startup in Windows-8.
Hot-Tip: ... How to make in Windows 8 restart with recovery options?

1.) Windows 8 in Safe Mode (Safe boot).

(Image-1) Safe Mode Windows-8 for Safe boot Windows-8 in-Safe Mode Safe boot
1a.) Info about Windows 8 in Safe Mode (Safe boot).
    Shows configuration options for the operating system and advanced debugging settings, including:
  1. Safe boot: Minimal. On startup, opens the Windows graphical user interface (Windows Explorer) in safe mode running only critical system services. Networking is disabled.
  2. Safe boot: Alternate shell. On startup, opens the Windows command prompt in safe mode running only critical system services. Networking and the graphical user interface are disabled.
  3. Safe boot: Active Directory repair. On startup, opens the Windows graphical user interface in safe mode running critical system services and Active Directory.
  4. Safe boot: Network. On startup, opens the Windows graphical user interface in safe mode running only critical system services. Networking is enabled.
  5. No GUI boot. Does not display the Windows Welcome screen when starting.
  6. Boot log. Stores all information from the startup process in the file %SystemRoot% Ntbtlog.txt.
  7. Base video. On startup, opens the Windows graphical user interface in minimal VGA mode. This loads standard VGA drivers instead of display drivers specific to the video hardware on the computer.
  8. OS boot information. Shows driver names as drivers are being loaded during the startup process.
  9. Make all boot settings permanent. Doesn't track changes made in System Configuration. Options can be changed later using System Configuration, but must be changed manually. When this option is selected, you can't roll back your changes by selecting Normal startup on the General tab.
2.)Normal-, Diagnostic-, Selective-, Startup in Windows-8.

In System Configuration select General ( ... see Image-1 Arrow-2) Startup Selection ( ... see Image-1 Arrow-3) to start Save Boot click or tap "Apply" ( ... see Image-1 Arrow-4)

(Image-2) Normal-, Diagnostic-, Selective-startup in Windows-8. Normal-, Diagnostic-, Selective-startup in Windows-8.
2a.) Info: Normal-, Diagnostic-, Selective-, Startup in Windows-8.
    Lists choices for startup configuration modes:
  1. Normal startup. Starts Windows in the usual manner. Use this mode to start Windows after you're done using the other two modes to troubleshoot the problem.
  2. Diagnostic startup. Starts Windows with basic services and drivers only. This mode can help rule out basic Windows files as the problem.
  3. Selective startup. Starts Windows with basic services and drivers and the other services and startup programs that you select.
Info (c) Microsoft.com

System Configuration is a tool that can help identify problems that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. You can start Windows with common services and startup programs turned off and then turn them back on, one at a time. If a problem doesn't occur when a service is turned off, but does occur when that service is turned on, then the service could be the cause of the problem.

FAQ 66: Updated on: June 24th 2015 14:18

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