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Wrong decimal symbol in Windows 10, how to change?

You can easily change the wrong decimal symbol or other number formats in Windows 10, the solution is also for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7!

1.) ... Open Customize Formats in Windows-10!
2.) ... Change the char for decimal symbol or other number formats!
3.) ... Find the Region settings via Search in Windows-10!

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1.) Open Customize Formats in Windows-10!

Please open the Customize Format Window in Windows 10. For example via Windows 10 Run Dialog and the command:
intl.cpl (... see Image-1 Arrow 1 and 2)

And now in the Tab Formats click the button Additional settings ... (... see Image-1 Arrow 3 and 4)
and change the decimal symbol and / or other number formats!

At this point, you can change the format for dates, times, currency, and measurements in Windows 10, and also change the sorting order of text to match sorting rules used in a specific country or region.

(Image-1) Customize number formats in Windows-10!
Customize number formats in Windows-10!

2.) Change the char for decimal symbol or other number formats!

In the Customize Format Window (Dialog) change the decimal symbol or other wrong number formats.

Or reset to System default  settings! (... see Image-2)

(Image-2) In Windows-10 change the number formats!
In Windows-10 change the number formats!

3.) Find the Region settings via Search in Windows-10!

Please start the Windows 10 Search via Search Symbol or Windows-Logo + Q keyboard shortcut.

Enter in the search box the text region and run (open) the Region Settings! (... see Image-3)

(Image-3) Region Settings in Windows-10!
Region Settings in Windows-10!

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FAQ 146: Updated on: February 25th 2016 22:28

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