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How can i do with Q-Dir pictures and posters print?

How can I do with Q-Dir pictures and posters print

Good question! The printing function is from the system, only on Windows XP/2003/Vista and higher.

Select and click with right mouse button on the picture you want to print and then select and click "Print"

pictures and posters print 1
Now you will see"The Photo Printing Wizard"
pictures and posters print 2

The Photo Printing Wizard displays all the image files from the open or selected folder so you can select the files you want to print.
pictures and posters print 3

Select the Printer and paper you want to use.
pictures and posters print 4

Now select the layout
pictures and posters print 5

And the last step is "completing the photo printing wizard" ;) !

To open My Pictures, double-click the My Documents icon on your desktop, and then double-click the My Pictures folder.
You do not have to select the pictures you want to print before clicking Print pictures. The Photo Printing Wizard displays all the image files from the open or selected folder so you can select the files you want to print.
You can print pictures from a folder without opening the folder. Click the folder that contains the pictures you want to print, and then, under Picture Tasks, click Print pictures.

FAQ 9: Updated on: April 3th 2014 12:44

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