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How to enable Screen-Saver Password on Windows 7?

To enable Screen-Saver Password on Windows 7 please open the "Screen Saver Settings" (Image-1)

# Method-1:
Press the key combination [Windows+Logo] [R] and enter this text,
%systemroot%\system32\control.exe desk.cpl,screensaver,@screensaver and press [ENTER]
(Image-1) Enable or disable
the Screen-Saver Password on Windows-7

Enable or Disable the Screen-Saver Password on Windows-7

# Method-2:
Start the "Screen Saver Settings" over
Windows 7 Start Button "Start"
>> Windows 7 System "Control Panel"
>> >> Personalization "Personalization"

In the "Personalization" Window (Image-2) select (click) on "Screen Saver" and now activate the option : "On resume, display logon screen"!

That´s it!

From here you can:
Conserve energy or maximize performance by adjusting display brightness and other power settings.
And/Or ... Chainge Power Settings in Windows 7

HOT-TIP:... alternative to the standard Windows Run-Dialog.
(Image-2) Personalization Window
PersonalizationWindow on windows 7

# Use your Windows password for your screen saver password
You can help make your computer more secure by creating a screen saver password, which locks your computer when the screen saver is on. The screen saver password is the same password that you use to log on to Windows.

FAQ 34: Updated on: January 23th 2014 22:47

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