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Disable or enable Hibernate and Sleep at Windows 8/10 and 8.1, how to?

Solutions to disable, enable customize, turn off/on Hibernate or Sleep in Windows 8 / 10 or Win 8.1 via Power Options or command in cmd.exe!

1. Disable, enable customize, turn off/on Hibernate or Sleep in Windows 8 / 8.1 via Power Options
2. Disable, enable customize, the sleep via cmd.exe command powercfg (Win 8/8.1)!
3. Temporarily disable sleep windows 8.1 / 8!
4. List other commands in powerconfig!

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1. Disable, enable customize, turn off/on Hibernate or Sleep in Windows 8 via Power Options

Start the Windows-8 Windows 7 System Control Panel and then open the Win-8 Windows 7 Energieoptionen "Power Options". In the Windows-8 Power Options, click on the text "Cange plan settings" (... See Image-1).

Then you can edit the Windows-8 power settings, such as turning the power saving mode on or off.(... See Image-2)

PS: If you don´t find the Power Options icon (symbol) in Window 8:
Windows-8 FAQ-15: ... Open the Control Panel in Windows 8 (start, call)?
and Windows-8 FAQ-16: ... How to switch the Windows-8 control panel to classic?

Or press the key combination [Win-Logo]+[R], then just type the command
control.exe /name Microsoft.PowerOptions and press enter to open the Power Options (Image-1) directly.

If you can´t change power settings: ... See here
If you want to prevent or block Hibernate/Sleep only for a certain time , you can test the tool Don't Sleep.
HOT-TIP: ... an alternative to the standard Windows Run-Dialog.

(Image-1) Change Windows-8 power settings Change Windows-8 power settings

(Image-2) Customize your Windows-8 power plans Customize your Windows-8 power plans
(c) Microsoft
Why can't i change power settings?

Your user rights, restrictions imposed by your system admin, or your PC's hardware configuration might limit which settings you can change. For example, if your PC is part of a network at an organization—such as a school or business—your system admin might have turned off or even removed certain settings. In that case, ask your administrator for help.

Which power plans are available?

Offers full performance when you need it and saves power when you don't. This is the best power plan for most people.

Power saver.
Saves power by reducing PC performance and screen brightness. If you're using a laptop, this plan can help you get the most from a single battery charge.

High performance.
Maximizes screen brightness and might increase PC performance. This plan uses a lot more energy, so your laptop battery won't last as long between charges.

2. Disable, enable customize, the sleep via cmd.exe command powercfg!

Please start the cmd.exe in admin mode [Windows-logo+X]!
  1. * Enable Hibernate in Windows 8 and 8.1
    In the command prompt type: powercfg -h on
  2. * Disable Hibernate in Windows 8 and 8.1
    In the command prompt type: powercfg -h off

3. Temporarily disable sleep windows 8.1 / 8!

If in Windows 8 /8.1 the energy options is very set on ENERGY EFFICIENCY, it may happen that the windows go faster sleep, than it is necessary, even if the programs are working and have not completed their tasks.  This problem can be solved with the freeware Don't Sleep, without disable or change the energy saving features.
If you don't have the freeware Don't Sleep, please download it: ... download DontSleep

3. List Other Commands in powerconfig!



Enables users to control power settings on a local system.

For detailed command and option information, run "POWERCFG /? "

Command List:
/LIST, /L   Lists all power schemes.
/QUERY, /Q   Displays the contents of a power scheme.
/CHANGE, /X   Modifies a setting value in the current power scheme.
/CHANGENAME   Modifies the name and description of a power scheme.
/DUPLICATESCHEME   Duplicates a power scheme.
/DELETE, /D   Deletes a power scheme.
/DELETESETTING   Deletes a power setting.
/SETACTIVE, /S   Makes a power scheme active on the system.
/GETACTIVESCHEME   Retrieves the currently active power scheme.
/SETACVALUEINDEX   Sets the value associated with a power setting while the system is powered by AC power.
/SETDCVALUEINDEX   Sets the value associated with a power setting while the system is powered by DC power.
/IMPORT   Imports all power settings from a file.
/EXPORT   Exports a power scheme to a file.
/ALIASES   Displays all aliases and their corresponding GUIDs.
/GETSECURITYDESCRIPTOR   Gets a security descriptor associated with a specified power setting, power scheme, or action.
/SETSECURITYDESCRIPTOR   Sets a security descriptor associated with a power setting, power scheme, or action.
/HIBERNATE, /H   Enables and disables the hibernate feature.
/AVAILABLESLEEPSTATES, /A   Reports the sleep states available on the system.
/DEVICEQUERY   Returns a list of devices that meet specified criteria.
/DEVICEENABLEWAKE   Enables a device to wake the system from a sleep state.
/DEVICEDISABLEWAKE   Disables a device from waking the system from a sleep state.
/LASTWAKE   Reports information about what woke the system from the last sleep transition.
/WAKETIMERS   Enumerates active wake timers.
/REQUESTS   Enumerates application and driver Power Requests.
/REQUESTSOVERRIDE   Sets a Power Request override for a particular Process, Service, or Driver.
/ENERGY   Analyzes the system for common energy-efficiency and battery life problems.
/BATTERYREPORT   Generates a report of battery usage.

FAQ 30: Updated on: June 24th 2015 14:53
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