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How can i start with a favorite setting?

Is very simple to start the file manager Q-Dir whit your favorite settings!

1.) ... For installed Q-Dir
2.) ... For portable Q-Dir without register *.qdr

1.) For Installed Q-Dir

Open the Favorit-View, then click on the menu File > Save Current State at Desktop Item and use this item to start Q-Dir. ;-) .

You can have several favorites settings on the desktop, and use them to start Q-Dir.

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2.) For portable Q-Dir without register *.qdr

Please create a bat file! For example 4xC.bat and start Q-Dir via 4xC.bat! (... see Image-2 Arrow-1 and 2)!

(Image-2) Start Portable Q-Dir with a favorit setting!
Start Portable Q-Dir with a favorit setting!

FAQ 4: Updated on: April 3th 2014 12:37

The Freeware Program Q-Dir is suitable for Microsoft Windows :
Servers 2000, 2003, Server 2008, 2012 Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows-8, Windows 8.1 / x64 and x86 (x32)
FAQ: Q-Dir file management freeware
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  My question is not there in the FAQ
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Asked questions on this answer:

I would like to suggest that the Q-Dir can save the worksplace for openning different folders, for example click Photo workplace, the program will open 4folder related to the photo for me
Would it be possible to incorporate an option which enables user to manually set a default folder location path?
Q-Dir Does does not remember directory settings in WinXP I just had the opportunity to download and try Q-Dir again after several months. On my WinXP it does not remember the directory paths for each window after closing the application and then reopening it. This is not the case with my Vista Laptop. On my Vista PC Q-Dir remembers it's previous directory settings.
Is there a way to set the view as a default? I always want Q-DIR to start with the view setting of "list". Is it possible to have Q-Dir always open to the same 4 directories even any (or all) of my original opened directories point to different directories upon closing Q-Dir? i.e., I always want Q-Dir to open to the same 4 directories even though I may open sub-directories (of any or all of the original 4) and then close Q-Dir displaying the new state.
I`m very greatful that you created this wonderful commander wich i mean is one of the best. I have only one request. If it is possible to add in the menu an option (Save Setup), that the commander it will remember the first desided opening window (for example C, D, E and F Drive, like windows explorer). So when you open the commander next time the settings are the same.
Hi, I haven't the feature that could let q-dir remember my last view. Can it save those 4 path for me when i open q-dir the next time? Because i always work with those 4 derectories! thx!
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