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What is svchost.exe on Windows?

Yes , you can see the svchost.exe in the Windows Task Manager and do not know why there are so many!

The svchost.exe is responsible for the launch of services in all Microsoft Windows systems!

The executable file " Svchost.exe " located in the folder "%SystemRoot%\System32" or C:\Windows\System32

When Windows starts, the "Svchost.exe" checks the registry to compile a list of services that has to be loaded.

Do not be surprised, there can be multiple instances of "svchost.exe" can be running and you think that the system has been infected by a virus or trojan.

But it is so that each Svchost.exe session contain a grouping of services. So it depends on the way of Svchost.exe call which various services are running. This grouping of services allows a better visibility and control.

If you enter the command tasklist /SVC in the Windows command prompt (cmd.exe), you can see an overview of Svchost.exe and Related services started!

C:\Windows\System32>tasklist /SVC

Image Name                   PID Services                                 
========================= ====== =============================================
System Idle Process            0 N/A                                      
System                         4 N/A                                      
smss.exe                     320 N/A                                      
csrss.exe                    380 N/A                                      
winlogon.exe                 404 N/A                                      
services.exe                 448 Eventlog, PlugPlay                       
lsass.exe                    460 PolicyAgent, ProtectedStorage, SamSs     
svchost.exe                  620 DcomLaunch, TermService                  
svchost.exe                  764 RpcSs                                    
svchost.exe                  832 AudioSrv, BITS, CryptSvc, Dhcp, dmserver,
                             ERSvc, EventSystem, helpsvc, LanmanServer,
                             lanmanworkstation, Netman, Nla, Schedule,
                             seclogon, SENS, SharedAccess,            
                             ShellHWDetection, srservice, Themes, TrkWks,
                             W32Time, winmgmt, wscsvc, wuauserv, WZCSVC
svchost.exe                  904 Dnscache                                 
svchost.exe                  976 LmHosts, RemoteRegistry, SSDPSRV         
explorer.exe                1228 N/A                                      
spoolsv.exe                 1272 Spooler                                  
svchost.exe                 1444 WebClient                                
vmsrvc.exe                  1472 1-vmsrvc                                 
wscntfy.exe                 1948 N/A                                      
alg.exe                     2004 ALG                                      
wuauclt.exe                  860 N/A                                      
msiexec.exe                 1560 MSIServer                                
vmusrvc.exe                 1992 N/A                                      
wmiprvse.exe                 804 N/A                                      
wuauclt.exe                  580 N/A                                      
IEXPLORE.EXE                 824 N/A                                      
ColorConsole.exe            1572 N/A                                      
cmd.exe                     1328 N/A                                      
tasklist.exe                1564 N/A                                      
wmiprvse.exe                1972 N/A                                      


FAQ 11: Updated on: March 31th 2014 10:20

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