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Start the Windows 7 cmd.exe in administrator mode?

Simple solution to start the Windows 7 cmd.exe in administrator (admin) mode!

(Image-1) Start the cmd.exe
in administrator mode on Windows 7

Start the  cmd.exe in administrator mode on Windows 7

Please click on "Start" (Windows-Logo), then enter "cmd.exe" and execute with keys [Shift]+[CTRL]+[ENTER] (Picture-1).
See Picture-1!

[Shift]+[CTRL]+[ENTER] is required to start (execute) the command prompt "cmd.exe" in administrative mode!

Whit only [ENTER] is normal user mode and many admin features does not work.

You can start every process with [Shift]+[CTRL]+[ENTER] as an Administrator!

HOT-TIP:... alternative to the standard Windows Run-Dialog.

FAQ 23: Updated on: August 28th 2014 09:29
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