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Can I somehow disable the click navigation sound ?

#Yes the clicking noise when navigating can be disabling;) ;)!

MENU > Extras > List-View > Click Navigation Sound

click navigation sound

FAQ 30: Updated on: April 7th 2014 11:38

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30. Can I somehow disable the click navigation sound ? ***
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Asked questions on this answer:
  1. How do I turn off the sounds in Q-Dir? I cannot find a way to do this.?
  2. Can I somehow disable the click sound when opening a drive/folder? I cannot seem to find an option to disable it. You have created a great program, thank you.
  3. I have a question - when i use q-dir and i click on a folder to open the folder my computer makes a very annoying click. this click is known as "windows start navigation"
  4. When i use windows explorer and double click on a folder to open it up it makes the "windows start navigation sound"?
  5. So i go to control panels/sounds/ and then i go to the sound tab and i go down to where it says Windows Explorer i select "start navigation" and i select no sound.?
  6. But when i use Q-Dir and i browse different files and folders it still makes that click!?
  7. How do i make Q-Dir make no sounds when i use it? I want Q-Dir to make no sounds so it doesn't interfere with my music when i listen to music at the same time?
  8. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.?
  9. Hi, I am using Q-Dir v4.15 and was wondering, how can I disable the sounds the program makes? I don't like it when my programs make sounds. I do have all of the Windows sounds disabled, but this one program (Q-Dir) still makes sounds and I can't find anywhere to turn them off in the options screens. Can you help me with this, please? Thanks.
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  11. I cannot disable start navigation sound?
  12. folder navigation sound?
  13. Double click navigate sound = 2
  14. Windows navigation sound cannot be disabled?
  15. Jelp, navigation sound at desktop?
  16. How to, Enable or disable Listview sound?
  17. Help the navigation sound will not disable?
  18. Cann I disable start navigation sound?
  19. Why there is no click sound when i click on a folder?
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  23. Somehow i disabled sound q dir?
  24. Navigation click noise?
  25. How do I stop the clicking sound that occurs whenever I click on anything in Q-dir? All system sounds have been removed and yet it still clicks. Very irritating.
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