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| 14th Apr 2008 |      


Q-Dir 3.03 Windows - XP-Pro / SP2 / IE7.0

Small Bug: When I click Quick-folder icon, menu appears, but when I Right click on that menu(acidentally) some error happens
Suggestion: feature to show Quick links as icons(or tabs) on "that bar" which already have Run,Delete,Cut,Copy,... Also feature to Customize(add,remove..) all visible icons on bars.

Great program, Thanks!
TO> Small Bug : I will repair this!
TO> Customize TB: I will add this in one of next version!

Two apps one called Direct Folder and the other called Handy Folder.
I do not know if it can be possible, but I use two apps one called Direct Folder and the other called Handy Folder. Unfortunately for me though they do not work with Q-Dir. I would love to see it work with these but beggars can not be choosers.

System Info from SiSoftware Sandra:
Thank you for any comments and suggestions.! Be it in the next version correct !

I think maybe something like copy/move hotkeys (like F5 ar F6 in other file managers)
Fast switching between panels - Ctrl+Alt+1 [.,2,3,4] between folders and Ctrl+Alt+5 [.6,7,8] between folder trees. If folder tree view is "one 4 all", then Ctrl+Alt+0 would be switch to that main tree view.

I download progame SmartPie
I download progame SmartPie

Restore my position of icon while I reinstall window xp.
It happened when I try to restore them and I found that no history data when I ran the Desktop OK after I installed a new window application.

I think this app could use a good renaming feature!
Similar too Ant Renamer, Metamorphose file renamer, WildRename, and WildReplace. I use features of each one, just wish their was one that combined it all.

When the click to return to the parent directory from a sub-directory
I may have missed this but it would be nice to have an option that when the click to return to the parent directory from a sub-directory that the display returns to the point in the list of the sub-directory with it highlighted instead of too the beginning of the directory list

Your site is unusable because ads are blocking it.
I cannot even see what I am typing becuase large blocks of ads are obscuring the view.No matter what browser is used, IE or FF the ads make the site unusable.


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