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| 30th May 2008 |      


Stumbeled on your Q-Dir, very nice.. have a question about Favorites... How do I edit & delete items ????
Thnak you very much
D.... H....k
Simple, on the main menu Favorites > Organize Favorites.
Key [F2]

Is there a way to choose the details you want shown for the files in the windows,
If there is a way to do this, please let me know. If no such way exists, that would be a really great thing to include next time, since when sorting photo files to edit for size so i can use them, I compare size and dimensions before date or other criteria.

I think maybe something like copy/move hotkeys (like F5 ar F6 in other file managers)
Fast switching between panels - Ctrl+Alt+1 [.,2,3,4] between folders and Ctrl+Alt+5 [.6,7,8] between folder trees. If folder tree view is "one 4 all", then Ctrl+Alt+0 would be switch to that main tree view.

I don't like external file manager apps
Q-Dir does not show the correct icons, it shows the default icons set and not the correct one.

Mpusegbestures wie beim Firefox wären vielleicht hilfreich
Mpusegbestures wie beim Firefox wären vielleicht hilfreich

All the folders and registry settings appear to be the same
As in my vista laptop which is ver. 3.15 and does work correctly, remembering tree view and my last place in the directory.

I suppose to down load everything seperatlry on ur site?
I suppose to down load everything seperatlry on ur site?

I usually include flash drives in my file management routines
I've been looking for this program for a long time. I usually organize lots of files from one drive to another.

Built-in Loupe
(Alt-L) does not want to remember last configured size


Quick-Link's :Restore icon positions x64Print directoryTablets for your CMD.exe
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