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| 17th July 2008 |      


I mentioned earlier about a preview pane for each dir view instead of a single one via the One for all tree view. What would also be good instead is when mousing over an image, their is an automatic pop up view showing a view of the image or if not that in the preview pane when you clik the image the image appears in a zoomed in view that fits to desktop if larger or shows actual view. Their is a feature like this in XYplorer. This is the description on their site describing it

"Thumbnails of image files in one of three fully configurable thumbnails views.

Supported are PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, TGA, WMF, PSD, ICO, BMP, and other formats. Optionally the pixel dimensions are shown below the thumbnail.

Thumbnails support XYplorer's unique and famous Mouse Down Blow Up functionality."

"Mouse Down Blow Up: Press your left mouse button down on a thumbnail and the original-sized image instantly pops up. Optionally shrunk to fit the screen, using high-quality resampling."

Here is the link in more detail over this idea
I will do my best ;)!

Customize the commands on the bottom of each window where the run,
I hope you can add a functionality to customize the commands on the bottom of each window where the run, delete, cut, copy and paste resides.

Two specific end-user functions that I would find helpful:
It would be ideal if solution maintained statistics on frequently accessed folders and maintained this list in primary "local" pull-down (would be immediate items when click the "down" arrow).

P.s have you done any page turning software for pdf files?
I do like your Q-Dir program, I will find it very useful. Will you be doing any skins for it at all?

Search within connected NETWORKS and the INTERNET?
Would you be able to add that feature as well as for allowing to search within connected NETWORKS and the INTERNET?

Ran into a little bug when using the filter feature
Other letters seem to work ok. I was thinking also that this feature might be faster (which is why you're using a filter) if files were displayed as you type the filter. Just a thought :)

I tried to save desktop icons, but when I click to restore them after an update,
They were all went to the left side of the screen. Is there any compatibility problem or something?

Why the options "Classic Address-bar" and "Modern Address Bar (Like Vista)"
Are disabled in the Extras - Address-Bar menu ?

Security Warning "This publisher could not be verified.
Can you put your publisher info into the executable so it runs without this warning in Vista Home Basic?


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