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| 23th July 2008 |      


Hi there,
I have some suggestions for Q-Dir.

The first one is, could Q-Dir only select filename when renaming?
I have an idea: Select filename when press F2, select file extension when press F2 again, and select whole filename.ext when F2 three times.

The second suggestion is the filter.
I wish to have a filter box, and when I enter keyword in the filter box, Q-Dir shows files and folders having the keyword in their name.

The third suggestion, would it possible to have multi-tab?
Yes, I know 4-window is enough for most users. But sometimes you may need to change to other folder but don't want to change current workspace.
So I'm wondering if it's possible to have multi-tab, thus I can create a new tab and change to other folder without changing my current workspace.

Thanks for the tip.
>To [F2]
I will add ;)!

>To the filter.
Click on the ToolBar filter ico!

Is there an option to turn on auto refresh.
Example when you create a new directory it automatically shows the new dir, instead of having to refresh.


Another global hotkey to activate the Q-Dir window
May I suggest some improvements though: -configurable keyboard shortcuts. xplorer2 has some great default ones, including ctrl-k to go to your "my documents" folder, as well as ctrl-backspace to go to "Desktop".

Drag & Drop within Q-Dir and/or from Q-Dir
Within Q-Dir and/or from Q-Dir to Explorer ends up with no results. No menu pops up (asking "copy" or "move" or any other options) and the copy move isn't executed.

Insert button to create a new folder in the current folder.
Pressing Insert multiple times creates multiple new folders with the default name.

Utility to show FOLDER SIZE as a separate column
My suggestion is to include a utility to show FOLDER SIZE as a separate column as a quick way to identify where the HD space has been taken.

Is it too much of a problem to put a search function in the windows?
If it already exists I am sorry for mentioning it but I haven't seen it yet. I am using the latest version of QDir.

I need to access several dir at same time.
To make it even more easier to use, could you add a small feature to it: allow use alt+1/alt+2/. to select the favorite book marks?


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