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| 31th July 2008 |      


I really like this software and I'm working with it al the time now.
I think that file mamagment software shouldnt wast screen space, and give as much as posibole informatiom and option.
this software really givs good ratio screen space to functionality.
The colors it uses are ver helpful!

I'm also using the option to add my setup to favorits.

the thing that I miss, and which I think will make this software prefect are:

Favorits but not like this software as.
I want to be able to add my most used folders to favorit and to be able to get to them fast directlly for each of the 4 windows independently.

File filtering:
The filters you have only mark the files which are true to its conditions.
If there was an option also to hide the files which are false to it condition it could be really helpful in filders which as meany files.

That is all for now :)
thank you for the great software.
Besr regards, R.. S....

to Favorits>
Where is the difference between favorites and Quick links?

to Filters>
please use the filter option "by negativ"

I hope that is that ;) !

Tooltips for the icons on your menu bar and the status bar and
Tooltips for the icons on your menu bar and the status bar and

Hidden is spelled with two d's
You have hiden, should be hidden Wonderful program. Thanks.

I started to use your Qdir from today and I think can't work without it from now!
Thank you for doing that!

I usually include flash drives in my file management routines
I've been looking for this program for a long time. I usually organize lots of files from one drive to another.

Would like to translate for my language
Would like to translate for my language

I don't like external file manager apps
Q-Dir does not show the correct icons, it shows the default icons set and not the correct one.

Leaves a registry key in HK Current User\Software\SoftwareOK.
As you mention, once I used Q-Dir, I cannot turn back. I am currently using version 3.431 and was going to upgrade to 3.45, but version 3.45

I have several Explorer substitutes and use Q-Dir 99% of the time.
My suggestion: In options allow me to specify what subdirectory I want Q-Dir to display when it opens. For example, I open to two panes and would like to have My Documents on the left and My Computer on the right. Even without change it's easy to get to where I want to go and I love this program.


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